When We Meet

​  Our group meets monthly to socialize, to exchange      information and expertise about Ham radio, and to        conduct club business.

  Monthly breakfast meetings are held at 9am on the 1st Saturday of each month. The RoadRunner Cafe is located east of Fort Stockton on I-10, Exit 264 Warnock road. In side the RV park. 

 Anyone and everyone is welcome.

 Welcome to the Pecos County Amateur Radio club.

 We are a club of amateur radio operators living, working, and operating in and around Fort Stockton,  and nearby cities. We are a non-profit educational and service organization. 

 All members of this club are also members of the American Radio Relay League, (ARRL). Amateur Radio  is a non-commercial radio communication service whose primary aims are public service, technical  training and experimentation, and communication between private persons. Amateur Radio operators  are commonly called hams. Hams generally communicate with each other recreationally but also  provide communications for others at public events or in times of emergency or disaster. Hams are  licensed to operate radio transmitters by the Federal Communications Commission

 We are a friendly group of hams who are ready at a moment’s notice to provide reliable  communications and are an integral part of the Pecos County Emergency Preparedness Plan, (ARES).

 Many local operators are also trained weather spotters (SKYWARN), and assist the National Weather  Service (NWS) when we are hit by severe weather.

 We support the citizens of our community in times of disaster and to provide radio communication to  leaders of the local emergency management services.

 If you've arrived at our website - you probably already have your amateur license, are interested in  obtaining your amateur license or at least wonder what amateur radio is all about.